Cheating Millennials don’t go outside, Doomsday Clock & labia jewels - Episode 21

March 14, 2018
Comedian Lindsey Jennings joins us to chat divorce rates, patterns and affects on children of divorce, and our thouoghts on cheating in relationships. Plus, millennials are not going outside, what's wrong with us? Too much tv streaming and fun is not affordable.  Elon Musk has sold out of flame throwers so get yours soon. We also tell you that the Doomsday clock was moved forward by 30 seconds in 2018 so now it's only 2.5 minutes away from midnight and the end of humanity, almost every state has tried to pass a bill that requires you to pay $20 every time you want to access porn, and finally, a British model made jewelry out of her private parts. Lots of ways the world's ending today.
Music by Bobby Vaughn & The Promise Hero