A hurricane called DARPA, take cover! - Episode 38

July 27, 2018

Back after a short summer vacation! (we all need one sometimes). Speaking of seasons, this episode dives deep into hurricanes. We look at conditions that cause hurricanes, dangerous water levels, historic hurricanes from recent years such as Harvey, Irma, and Sandy and how to prepare yourself in the event that one hits your area. Then we discuss DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) an organization building technologies that could either help us or kill us all. We look at some of DARPA's history, recent roll-outs, and future plans for flying submarines and more. Then Michael shares the tale of stolen bees in Belgium and Galina shares a dark tale about a human vs. python that once again reminds us to stop challenging wild animals. Oh, and Galina suffers a wardrobe malfunction.

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