Murders in Mexico, blizzards everywhere else & we’re eating roadkill - Episode 12

January 17, 2018

Lots of danger lurks ahead! Mexico had its highest murder rates ever. Plus, the history of blizzards, a loud fish orgy is happening in the Gulf and you're not invited, Pennsylvania's eating roadkill, Russia's weaponizing puppies, and Game of Thrones is on a one-year hiatus. Michael can't heal from the Rose Bowl loss and Galina is making bolder exits in 2018.


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Deadly Viruses are Everywhere, and Women Prefer Their Men Dead - Episode 11

January 10, 2018

You'll catch your death out there! This week, comedian Ken Garr stops by to talk with Michael and Galina about how we're all going to get sick and die. All kinds of viruses are discussed, as well as how we allow pharmaceutical companies to spread fear and make it worse. Plus, dementia is on the rise - and it turns out that elderly women are happier when their husbands die. 

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Murderous Mormons, or: Are North Korean Ghosts Using Bitcoin to Buy Cheap Boners? - Episode 10

January 3, 2018

Are Mormons committing high-level international crimes? Maybe! Michael Burnett and Galina Rivina discuss issues with the FLDS, exploding credit card debt (which may or may not affect both hosts), and the problem with Bitcoin that no one is talking about. Plus, NASA completely whiffed on spotting an earth-shattering asteroid and North Korean ghost ships keep appearing in Japan. Finally, Galina admits to spending time researching boners. 

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Doomsday Glaciers are Going to Drown National Monuments in Garbage - Episode 9

December 27, 2017

You can't trust cats! Comedian Dave Neal joins Michael and Galina to discuss why we should all be double scared of Doomsday Glaciers, why garbage is going to drown us all, and the fact that we're losing national monuments - which we won't be around to enjoy anyway, as Russia's now using killer robots with reckless abandon. Oh, and you also can't trust Pinterest. 

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Frat boys & murderous spiders banned from Applebees & the Winter Olympics - Episode 8

December 20, 2017

Russia is banned from the Winter Olympics, Frat boys are ruining everything, $1 Long Island Ice Teas from Applebees, Buffalo Bills fans throw dildos on the football field, flesh eating diabetes, oh, and if all spiders worked together, they could eat every human on earth in no time at all. There is so much to be scared and double scared of in this week's breakdown of why the world's ending today. Michael and Galina get very personal in this one about some topics that hit close to home.


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Serial killers grow bad beards in Saudi Arabia - Episode 7

December 13, 2017

It's week 7! We check in with current events in Saudi Arabia, where apparently, Michael spent part of his childhood. We look at bad beards, mean mustaches and fugly facial hair. Galina counts down the top ten currently active serial killers in the United States, Michael terrifies us with news of scarlett fever outbreaks, we look at how the military failed to disclose violent offenders, and we ruin your vacation plans to Bali, Indonesia.

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Net neutrality, flat-earthers, and beware of snakes in your toilet! - Episode 6

December 6, 2017

We get serious about net neutrality; what it is, why it's bad, and what you can do about fighting the FCC and keeping internet providers in check. Galina gets heated up about flat-earthers and disproves them with a segment on satellite trash and it's much-needed clean up. Michael sheds light about snakes popping up in toilets. Is your bathroom in jeapardy? If so, what kinds of snakes can you expect? The world is in trouble because people are eating crickett spaghetti. And finally, Galina ruins Christmas with a sad-but-true story about a freight train hitting reindeer in Norway.


Blake Shelton, CO2, and the curious case of the micropenis - Episode 5

November 30, 2017

Comedians Galina Rivina and Michael Burnett discuss the naming of Blake Shelton as sexiest man alive 2017, the dangerous rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, North Korea sentencing Trump to death, the end of the Warped Tour, the threat of the micropenis, and UFOs!


Fake News! Cows play the lottery, climb the borderwall and suffer the death penalty - Episode 4

November 22, 2017

It's week four; Galina and Michael talk online harassment and it's imminent threat, and how fake news will get us all in trouble. Galina discusses the US and Mexican borderwall and its hazard to the environment, then looks at how the dairy industry could cause the end of the world. Michael talks playing the lottery and how it gets us in hot water and explores the death penalty. Email in your topic suggestions to


Slenderman eats GMOs in self-driving cars with Kevin Spacey - Episode 3

November 15, 2017

Michael and Galina discuss the Slenderman inspired murders, GMOs in food, the unmatched success of Marvel movies. They also look at the dangers of self-driving vehicles, Kevin Spacey and the annual Burning Man festival. Any and all of these things could bring about the end.