Moms who kill, Steve Bannon vs. college athletes and mircobeads - Episode 14

January 31, 2018

Hide your kids. This week we explore Moms who kill their children - famous cases like Casey Anthony and lesser known ones, plus what could lead a mother to it. We also look at a child who should have been killed by his mom; Steve Bannon. Michael tells us about the NCAA vs college athletes who cannot get paid. Galina tells the danger of microbeads and microplastics. Plus we cover a standing ovation given to a pastor who confessed to sexually assaulting a teen, and faulty lead poisoning tests that were distributed to children for 3 years possibly leaving countless children with undiagnosed lead poisoning. Galina discovers the magic of double-sided printing.

Intro music by Bobby Vaughn & The Promise Hero - check them out where you find music