Big Pharma is your Facebook friend that joined an orgasmic cult - Episode 23

March 28, 2018

This episode is gloves-optional. We binge-watched Dirty Money on Netflix and we're telling you all about Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Once one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street, it plummeted after the company was exposed to be price-gouging and taking advantage of health insurance. We also explore the art of Orgasmic Meditation! We tell you about a company called One Taste and maybe the newest cult. Plus, Kratom the legal opioid that can be purchased in vending machines and will definitely kill you, gay conversion camps are apparently still open and legal in 41 states, Galina's surprise topic is problematic for Facebook; thousands of users accidentally spread illegal materials in a misguided attempt to catch the criminal, and Michael's surprise topic is about how we don't pay attention to the dinosaurs enough and we certainly don't head their warnings.


Music by Bobby Vaughn & The Promise Hero