Housing, Hannity & high flying hot dogs - Episode 37

July 8, 2018
Michael's microphone was a little weird this week but please forgive us! This week we talk housing market; the ups & downs and economic factors affecting new home purchasing by millennials, home buying trends among the baby boomers, and price of real estate vs price of wage increases. Then we discuss Fox correspondent Sean Hannity; how he got into the business, what his influence can lead to for politics, and scandals. Finally,  some rivers are so drug polluted that eels are getting high on cocaine, and a Phili's fan gets hit in the face with a traditional American food.
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13 reasons why earthquakes & Donnie Jr suck - Episode 36

June 28, 2018

This week we break down earthquakes. We are overdue for the 'big one' here in California but we look at earthquakes all over the world, fault lines, fracking, building codes, and how you can prepare for what to do during and after. Plus, a few historic quakes in China, Indonesia, and of course the famous San Francisco quake. Then we look at something else shaky; Donald Trump Jr. We explore the early life of Trump's eldest child, what kind of business troubles he has had, his family life, his tweets and our overall disdain. Then we ruin your brunch with a quick tale of dreaded 'avocado hand' and tell you how snakes will kill you from the afterlife.

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Dirty money and even dirtier coke - Episode 35

June 21, 2018

Is your money safe? We dig deep into  the financial regulatory system; Federal Reserve, FOMC, US Department of Treasury, SEC and how we got into the mess that was the 2008 financial crisis. What's the history of regulations post Great Depression and how the government is putting it at jeopardy again today. Are we ready for the next crash? Then we scare you straight about cocaine that's being laced with Fentanyl. What Fentanyl is, where it came from, how deadily it can be and what the DEA is trying to do to keep up. Then, is a pig going to chase you home from a bar? And finally, a journalist fakes his death to get away from Russian forces.

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Vanilla ICE, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, baby - Episode 34

June 16, 2018

Cold off the press! We dive into ICE; not  the rapper but rather Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Learn about the history of the agency, what they're supposed to do as part of our government and some huge mistakes they've been making in violation of human rights and our tax dollars. Then we cover El Salvador; the smallest and mostly densely populated country in South America once called the murder capital of the world. We explore the country's background, economy and gang violence. On a lighter note, Kansas finally passed a law about cops not having sex on the job and a snake has invaded a favorite watering hole.

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Lettuce romaine calm about eating - Episode 33 w/ Devin Kelley

June 7, 2018
The wonderful Devin Kelley joins us this week for the delicious scoop on food nightmares. First, E-coli outbreaks in romaine lettuce are posing an immediate threat to your favorite salad. Then we dive into fast food ingredients and break down the worst things on items from McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Subway and Papa Johns. Finally we look for a lost weapons-grade plutonium that was misplaced by a school in Idaho, the rising cost of insulin, a chocolate covered car accident and a way to get cocaine delivered right to your door.
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Betting against coal, alligators and deodorant - Episode 32

May 30, 2018

Scary stuff! We discuss the big bad world of sports betting. New laws have recently come into effect that allow major betting sites to take your hard earned cash while you stress about your fantasy team. Then we chat about coal industries. Mining, big business, and the effects on the environment and why we can't or won't shift to clean energy. Then the deodorant challenge, a Texas man ignores a deadly warning and goes for a swim with his killer, Florida residents are sculpting spam to ward off weather, Georgia man arrested after trying to purchase a child at a Kroger.

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Mosquitoes, Ivanka and the underwear heist - Episode 31 w/ Kelly McInerney

May 23, 2018

Comedian Kelly McInerney is with us this week to talk Ivanka Trump; her role in the White House and why you should avoid her fashion at all costs. For our next topic, we ruin your summer! Mosquitoes are getting deadlier than ever. Then we chat organ transplants from drug overdoses, the DNA website responsible for catching the Golden State Killer, Kangaroos are viciously attacking tourists as they chase their favorite snack, and finally, Florida experiences panty theft and undies heists.

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Mike Pompeo and his shotgun answer a nuclear close call - Episode 30 w/ Tom Allen

May 16, 2018
With us this week is our friend and comedian Tom Allen. A jam-packed episode! We reminisce about Paul Walker, explain the dangers of former head of the CIA and our new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a juicy list of nuclear near misses and close calls, helmenthic therapy which is the practice of worm-infesting yourself for therapy, Chinese employees are being given special helmets that monitor their emotional state and brain waves, a Texas town is holding a .5k, and finally, a Vermont man is being charged for using a shotgun to silence his smoke alarm instead of changing the batteries.

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Catfishing Fox News anchors can’t get off anti-depressants - Episode 29

May 9, 2018

Comedian and writer Joshua Mann sits down with us to talk smack on Fox News! We explore how the channel got it's start, why it leans so far right and what the possible implications are to our society. Then we examine the art of catfishing, how and why it still happens and how you can keep yourself safe online dating. Plus, the New York Times article that many people taking anti-depressants are unable to quit, poop implants to treat IBS and other illness through others' poop in your butt, a dad joke gone totally wrong in Nevada, and a bill in Louisiana to criminalize sex with animals.

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Free-range parents buying chemical weapons on Craigslist - Episode 28

May 2, 2018
This week we look in-depth at chemical weapons and chemical warfare; always on the news and now finally explained. We explore the history of their use and what's going on with them in Syria. Then we look at your mom's favorite website Craigslist; scary stories and the new legistation affecting personal ads. Also covered is an incurable case of Super Gonorrhea from sex tourism, Free-Range Parenting and kids who are taking the subway alone in every big city, Crapsules the pill and donating your poo for money, and finally, a New York police department arrests a weather pattern.
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